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It started with 12 brothers who had a dream. potatoTeto® first hit store shelves in 1985 set out with a goal: to find the perfect balance of olive oil, crushed red pepper flakes, and garlic that could work for a great, quality producing, not-ready-to-eat potato made with love, care, and quality ingredients.

Today, you may know us for our notorious potato chip brand, packaged with the savory, tangy crunch that our fans love to hear, but we also produce a variety of flavors, such as leek, banana, orange, chimera, and an assorted lineup of other air-popped flavors, ranging from Miku to Teto and even Eleanor. And our potatoTeto™ line brings the great taste of potatoTeto® (which is not for eat, by the way) at 38,532,358 calories per cup or less.

Who comes up with these flavors? You're asking the wrong person.

Please buy our product.

Here's what people are saying about me!

/10 poteto is shaped like a friend" - BoredmanDA

/10 not for eat, great for music and friend" - Applica

/10 Potato is the starchiest composer I’ve met" - hexun

/10 he is soft and warm like mashed poteto" - Lauren Estes

/10 certified no. 1 yukari stan music good like potatoes (do not eat)" - beat_shobon

"You're a dead MF, do you hear me? You better keep one eye open when you sleep at night." - Anonymous

/10 hi im potato I like yuzuki yukari also alttp randomizer online co-op is cool anyway pls commission me for some audio" - potato-tan



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